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Descargar [PES 2016 PC] Patch Tuga Vicio 0.41

All teams with corrected name and emblem
All licensed competitions
Premier League 100% licensed
Liga NOS 100% licensed
Referees kits
New Faces
49 Goalkeeper Gloves
Classics players with real name

In Selector:
Tuga Addiction Patch HD (NEW)

Ultra HD Graphic Patch (NEW)
Scoreboards (NEW)
Start Screen (NEW)
Replay (NEW)
Manager (NEW)
Add new content (NEW)
PACK STADIUM (Install From Select before activating) (NEW)

100% compatible with online mode, which is licensed will also be in online mode.

Bundesliga has not yet been made, transfers only after the DLC.
We want to avoid errors and and fix everything in detail this year.

1º- Install PES
2º- Delete download folder where the game is installed and the save folder in the documents
3º- Install Patch 0.4
4º- Install Update 0.4.1

Tutorial in Video

We will update every week. We want to create a stable and error-free patch.
Use the info selector when they have doubts button.

TEAM Tuga Vicio:

Other credits:
Cronos, Ginda01, Estarlen Silva, A20Group, Franklucio, mEkc10, killer1896, muske25, BlackRider1993, ljq12697, PolarisNine

Translation PES Selector:
BOOX, shadominus

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