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Descargar F0 Spacer v1.1


F0 Spacer v1.1

By Team aXr^2

Caution: We are NOT responsible if this you made a mistake and bricked you PSP.

This program can only be used on firmwares 3.52M33 and 3.40OE.



This a program that lets you:

1)Backups flash0

2)Dummy unimportant files in flash0 to make up space more to 2.5mb!

**We recommend you to backup your flash0 FIRST before dummying files.



1)Extract archive to anywhere you pleasure.

2)Copy the "F0 Spacer" folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME150.




Well basically there's no need for this section.

Just follow up the intructions in the program.


Special Thanks:


x3sphere: Without your forum this would never happen.

Chilly Willy: Thanks for giving us our first steps.

hibbyware: Thanks for the writing files, and our last steps.

Cheezeball99, DC: Thanks for testing and giving us encouragments.

Family and Friends: ----------(I'll think of something up by version2)



If you ever experience any bugs, please email to:

StOffBeat -

Roe-Ur-Boat -

You will be added to the special thanks if you found one and confirmed!




-First Release.

-Bugs: Will not backup if you don't create "fpbu" folder in ms0:/.


-Added "about" Section.

-Now the program goes back to the main menu instead of exiting after using a function.

-Flashing Speeds now faster!

-Fixed minor bugs.

-Fixed bug mentioned above (see v1).


Copyrights: F0 Spacer, Team aXr^2, Aug. 2007

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