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Descargar FIFA 15 EASF Decrypter and Reader

// ----------------------------------------------------
// FIFA 15 EASF Decrypter and Reader by malloc84
// ----------------------------------------------------

// About FIFA 15 EASF Reader

As title suggests, this is a simple Reader for EASF encrypted files in FIFA 15 .big files.
Tool is still in stage of early development so new builds will be frequent.

// About FIFA 15 "EASF"

There is some interesting info here. I will write it.

// Greets
- All the people and groups I know
- Thanks for support to the fifa-infinity Team -

// ------------------------------
// FIFA 15 EASF Reader Changelog
// ------------------------------

// FIFA15_EASF_Reader_v1

* Initial ugly Release
* I am sorry for the ugly app but I don't make cool interfaces, sorry. I will try to make it as user friendly as possible
* Most of the files can be read
* Full decryption algorithm will be in the next version (need seperate decrypt.exe).
* Fixed recursive value retreival
* Fixed abnormal commenting
* Fixed algo "CreateFile" function so files will be decrypted more properly

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