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Descargar Pasta CFW Loader 1.0.3

Text Instructions :

- Download the archive provided below, unzip it's contents to the root of the SD card of your N/O3DS.

- Startup your 3DS , boot Cubic Ninja, start Brahma, load and execute the payload ("arm9payload.bin").

- You should land on a screen like the one below.

- Select your firmware, and press start to launch the CFW (or B to reboot without launching a custom firmware).

- Done ! you can now enjoy your signature patches and piracy galore ^^''.

Credits :
- Me (Capito27) for the loader menu.
- Patois for brahma and sample code , without him, i couldn't make this CFW loader.
- Unknown for all the O3DS offsets and the signature patch method.
- motezazer for the N3DS offsets and testing.
- kactusss for testing the app and providing the videos.

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