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Descargar MFE bootable disc creator 1.1


mfe bootable disc 1.1

- Boots directly into MFE
- Uses a Firmware 3.0 compatible disc header
- Should work on all modchips. May need to turn of regionpatching on WiiFree as can break GC games and homebrew.
- Dual Layer support if the modchip supports it (yaosm 1.8, CycloWiz 3.5, Wiinja v.2 and latest Wiinja Deluxe upgrade)
- Plays DVD movies (press "Z", swap disc, press "Start")

1. Copy any media files that you want to include into the dvd_rootMedia folder.
2. Doubleclick the create_disc_???.cmd that matches your region.
3. Burn the newly created ISO file to an empty DVD.
4. You'll figure out the rest.

Buttons (File browser)
Z    - Unmount/Mount disc
Start - Play DVD movie
A    - Enter folder | Play media file (.avi, .mp3, .divx, .mpg etc...)
B    - Go to parent folder

Buttons (Playing media)
Start - Pause/Play
A    - Pause/Play
B    - Stop
L    - Rewind
Left  - Rewind
Down  - Rewind
R    - Fast Forward
Right - Fast Forward
Up    - Fast Forward
X    - Toggle Subtitles

- Replaced bootloader and root file system by the MFE player posted by

- Initial release.

  For the original MFE-distro

WiiKey team
  For their patched gcn-di.c that made it easier for me to figure out how to do the first version myself.

  For releasing the new DVD-capable MFE to the public

  For making the new DVD-capable MFE in the first place. The Symbiote guys credits themselves as RiPPeRs in their
  release so I assume they are not the original authors, but I may be wrong.

Questions & Answers
Q: What is MFE?
A: MFE or actually MFE-distro is a linuxdistribution for Gamecube with the sole purpose of letting you play media
  files on it. The original release can't read anything stored beyond the 1.4Gb limit of the 8cm Gamecube discs.
  The WiiKey team changed this by patching the source and compiling their own version of it. Sadly enough they
  packaged MFE with their configuration utility so that it couldn't be used without using their config 1.2 disc.
  Inspired by their work I did my own recompile of mfe-bo18.dol which also allows for larger discs than 1.4Gb.

  This newer release by comes without the source and I honestly don't know the origins of it. However
  the original release had the WiiKey disk header and was released shortly after the same people leaking the
  WiiKey chip code. Perhaps they both origins from the same place?
  You'll find more information about the MFE-distro here:
Q: Does it support Dual Layer discs?
A: Yes, but the modchip must also support dual layer, like for example, yaosm 1.8 and Cyclowiz 3.5.

Q: How do I swap discs in with MFE running?
A: Press "Z" to unmount the disc. Swap discs. Press "Z" again to mount the new disc.

Q: Is it NTSC or PAL?
A: Long answer: I didn't compile the loader on this one like I did on the first release but I've checked bootldr.dol
  with a hexeditor and it loads the linux kernel with tvmode=auto. That means it should automaticly detect your
  videomode just like the previous version.
  Short answer: Both.

Q: How do I change audiostream when playing a DVD movie?
A: It doesn't seem to be possible. If you find a way, please let me know.

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