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Descargar MuXport 1.6

MuXport is a multi language, very easy utility to add PSN games which contains CONTENT_ID into PS3 OFW/CFW backup. No need manually creating edat files and searching for UserID. Support games with size up to 720GB and GUI supports now multiple add games.  
Special thanks for Kakaroto (ps3xport), DetrikSyS (split algo) and all translators.
    support backup up to 720GB and splitting files multiple add games in GUI and list of added games
  • multi language support (languages - Slovak & German credits for lubek76, Portuguese credits for villeneuve, Italian credits for Francesco Lanzilotta, Spanish credits for plasticos201193 and French credits for CaptainFry)
  • exclusively for
  • easy GUI for users
  • good working speed
  • automatically searching PARAM.SFO
  • automatically creating .edat file (if PARAM.SFO is correctly and contains CONTENT_ID)
  • automatically identification UserID
  • recovery trick (now no need Rebuild Databes via Recovery Menu)
  • cleanup process
  • idps.bin file still need grab via IDPStealer
  • game icon in GUI


  • need clean backup before you use MuXport or backup edited only via MuXport
  • idps.bin file still need grab via IDPStealer


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