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Descargar Cobra ODE Firmware Beta 2.2

We are releasing a beta firmware for the version 2.2 of the Cobra ODE.
You will need to have the 2.1 firmware before applying this update, and we are only releasing the mcu.rom image for v3.x and v4.x boards at this time. We will release the update for v5.x boards once we release the final 2.2 version.
This update will make your Cobra ODE work with the 4.60 firmware for PS3 superslim 4k models, including games that have been updated.
Instructions :
    run extractps3swapfiles
  • run genps3swapdisc
  • Burn the swap disc to a BD-R or BD-RE disc.
  • run convertps3iso on each of your ISO files
  • install the 2.2 Beta firmware for v3.x and v4.x boards
  • Edit the cobra.cfg file and add the following lines:
    • bypass.4.55=1
    • games.encrypted=1
Test your games.
If you have installed an update to a game, this firmware will still allow you to run the game, but you will need to swap the discs twice.
If you have any issues, report back here so we can fix them before release. If it works without any problems, let us know as well.

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