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  • Añadido el: Jul 27 2014 10:38
  • Actualizado el: Jul 27 2014 10:38
  • Tamaño: 105.05MB
  • Visitas: 396
  • Descargas: 309

Descargar iCEnhancer (GTA IV mod) 3.0

  • Using latest ENB
  • New timecycle
  • New depth of field from scratch
  • Lens dirt texture
  • Moving clouds
  • Whole new color processing method
  • Rewritten the files for faster performance
  • Balanced lighting in every weather
  • Correct godrays following the sun
  • Multiple new post-effects
  • Better and faster bloom
  • Better motion blur
  • Easier way to configure your settings
  • Dynamic effects changeable in-game
  • Compatible, thanks to Dax.
  • And more…
  • AMD performance issues related to ENB
  • SSAO issues on AMD (depending of the drivers)
  • Godrays not following the sun correctly during sunset
  • Some lights are gone during nights because of new night method (can be fixed)
  • (please report other bugs on my facebook page or twitter, thanks!)

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