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  • Añadido el: Jun 29 2014 01:44
  • Actualizado el: Nov 20 2014 16:52
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Descargar IrisMan 3.33

This is an "unofficial" version of Iris Manager 2.93 by Estwald/D-Skywalk. This version includes all the new Cobra/Mamba payload and ISO features added by Estwald. The changes that I made are mainly related to the user interface (buttons layout are more XMB-like, quick access to File Manager, progress bar when game list is scanned or file permissions are applied, colors, 16 gui modes, etc.). It also includes the Payloads from Rancid-O's PS3ITA Manager, Joonie and Habib. The most notable feature is that unlike the official version, it scans GAMES/GAMEZ on the external drives. 
New mamba payloads for 3.55 / 3.55D / 4.21 / 4.21D /4.30 / 4.31 / 4.40 / 4.41 / 4.41D / 4.46 / 4.46D /4.50 / 4.50D / 4.53 / 4.53D / 4.55 / 4.55D / 4.60 / 4.65 / 4.66 Now PS3 ISOs are playable on all these CFW without need of Cobra support. 
IMPORTANT: If you use webMAN on Cobra CFW, unmount any mounted game before launch IRISMAN. 

Changelog 3.33 (Nov 19/2014)
- Added detection of cfw 4.66
- Updated allowed firmware version in game fix (iso and jb folders)
- Updated version/revision in fw version spoofer (cobra only)
- Removed some lv2 patches formerly enabled by default on cfw 4.65-4.66 (suggested by Joonie)
(the old patches can be enabled via settings.ini)


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