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Descargar MGX Space Jam NBA2k14 Mod for PC v2

contact info: visit

back up your files!!!!!!!

note!!!! ï This Mod does not overwrite any of your current NBA teams or players

ï Back up your files just in case you are using any other mods that uses the same ID's

to avoid any confusions.

How to install NBA 2K14 MGX Space JAM v2 Mod:

1. Download the patch/mod using the links above.

2. Unrar/extract the file using WinRAR (right click > extract).

3. Inside the 'Mgx Space Jam v2 NBA2K14' folder you will see 3 sub-folders named 'main folder', 'save folder', and 'shoes.
ï Copy all the 41 FILES from the 'main folder' to your NBA 2K14 main folder.

32bit - C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K14
64bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K14

- To find your NBA 2K14 game folder, you can right click the desktop shortcut icon and select 'Open File Folder'.

ï Copy the roster and settings file (MGX Space Jam v2 2K14.ROS & MGX Space Jam v2 2k14.STG) to your NBA 2K14 Saves folder.

- Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open the 'run' dialog box. Type: %AppData% and hit Enter. Open 2K Sports > NBA 2K14 > Saves.

ï Copy the FILES from the 'shoes' folder to your NBA 2K14 shoes folder.

- Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open the 'run' dialog box. Type: %AppData% and hit Enter. Open 2K Sports > NBA 2K14 > shoes.

4. Run NBA 2K14 and go to Options > Load/Save > Load then select the MGX Space Jam v2 2k14 settings and roster. For better gameplay.

Space Jam CFs

png2810 - Swackhammer (Monstars coach) (MGX & RICH72601) COLLAB.
png2811 - Larry Bird (Tunesquad coach)

png2812 - Michael Jordan (MGX)
png2813 - Tazmanian Devil (MGX)
png2814 - Bugs Bunny   (MGX & WILSON27) COLLAB.
png2815 - Daffy Duck   (MGX & WILSON27) COLLAB
png2816 - Porky Pig (MGX & WILSON27) COLLAB

png2817 - Stan Podolak (MGX & RICH72601) COLLAB.
png2818 - Bill Murray  (MGX & RICH72601) COLLAB.
png2819 - Sylvester the Cat  (WILSON27)
png2820 - Lola Bunny (WILSON27)
png2821 - Elmer Fudd (MGX & WILSON27) COLLAB.
png2832 - Marvin the Martian  (MGX)
png2833 - Yosemite Sam (MGX
png2834 - Foghorn Leghorn (MGX)
png2835 - Wile E Coyote    (MGX)

png2822 - Pound (MGX)
png2823 - Blanko    (WILSON)
png2824 - Bang (MGX & WILSON27) COLLAB.
png2825 - Bupkus    (MGX & WILSON27) COLLAB.
png2826 - Nawt (Wilson)

png2827 - Muggsy Bogues (Juan33)
png2828 - Larry Johnson (Juan33)
png2829 - Patrick Ewing (Juan33)
png2830 - Shawn Bradley (Juan33)
png2831 - Charles Barkley (Juan33)

shoes- (MGX & RICH72601) COLLAB.
ROS. file- (RICH72601)
STG. file - (MGX)
Tune Squad Jerseys - (RICH72601)
Monstars Jerseys - (MGX)
Space Jam Arena - (RICH72601)
Team files - (RICH72601)
dorna files- (MGX & RICH72601) COLLAB.

cheat maker tool:  by Alex  
JemiZhuu:  NBA2KModTool v0.198
Vl@d Zola jr:  RED MC v.2.2.3

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