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Descargar PS3 File Editor beta 1.1


Build Number:Beta 1.1

Release Date: 7/27/2007


most of the buttons under edit param.pfd have have changed

added the ability to view info on param.pfd files

changed some spelling errors

Improtant info:

When loading self files the load time will depend on how big the self file is!

updater.sce files can also be loaded as self file. to load a updater.sce file just change the file extention from .sce to .self !

the only self files that are not supported are the .pkg and .img files that have the SCE_magic in them.

How to use:

If you want to view info on a self file click options. Then under options go to change mode. under change mode check Self To Elf mode. When in self to elf mode go to file and select open self. select the self file that you want and wait for it to load. once it is done loading click the button SELF File Info and it will display info on the SELF File. To Save this info Click Save file info.

About Beta 1:

ï Ability to get info on SELF files such as if it is encrypted and elf hash info as well as many many many other things!!!

ï Convert Self to elf : current locked because not finished. will be ready by next major build.

ï Edit PARAM.PFD files: currently in preview mode because not finished! May be ready by next major build!

ï Create PARAM.PFD: currently in preview mode.

The reason i am releasing this now and now when all features are done is because i want to show everyone what i have cooking up here. Also because I need to test what version of windows this is working on.

PS3 File Editor was created and programmed by H3R3T1C of Team Ps3HaX. SELF file conversion and file info was based off the notes and xls documents of HanSooloo.

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