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Descargar SED for PC

It’s fairly simple to use this tool.
Usage: sed -e [Input File] [PARAM.SFO] [Output File] [Game Key File]
sed -d [Input File] [Output File] [Game Key File]
Where :
‘-e’ tells it to encrypt, ‘-d’ to decrypt.
[Input File] is the file to encrypt or decrypt
[Output File] is the name of the file to save to
[PARAM.SFO] is the location of the PARAM.SFO file whose hashes should be updated (Not really updated yet)
[Game Key File] is the full path to the file which has the game key
The (extremely) untidy source code can be found at GitHub (
Credits go to the team behind libkirk and to the PPSSPP team for the sceChnnlsv implementation, these two libraries made my work easy.

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