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Descargar CFW Habib 4.53 Cobra Edition 1.05

- Built from 4.53 OFW
- COBRA 7.00 Features Ported!
- Added category_game.XML for webMAN by default. (My Games)
- Patched All Core OS ECDSA Check
- Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection
- Patched LV1 to add peek/poke support
- It can run Games Signed with Keys up to 4.53
- Install Package Files
- ReActPSN patch
- RSOD Screen Bypasses
- QA Flag enabled by default
- PSN/SEN acsess without spoof needed
- Add In Game ScreenShot Feature
- PSP Support
- PS1 Support
- PS2 Support (see below)
1.PS2 for semi-bc PS3 working as per user by using this method:
   1- Start PS3 with the controller via usb.
   2 - Launch PS2 ISO.
   3 - The game starts and the controller loses the sync but i'm able to resync it.
   although its been said its buggy and sometimes games launch and sometime not..
2.PS2 for non-bc ps3
3. Not tested ps2 support for bc console
4. Used Estwald's new core edited by me,check below for changelog....
NOTE: ps2 will have controller synch if used modded emu (see below)
In this CFW I have by default added original ps2_emus for ps3 so that if you are disturbed with controller sync problem,you can use original emu for enable/disable modded ps2 emu,use ps2 flag ive created.put a 0 byte file named "ps2" in usb/core_flags/ .then put the usb in the rightest port of ps3 and turn ps3 on,if everything goes right,the ps3 should restart and flag ps2 will rename to _ps2
if ps2 emu for bc or semi-bc console doesnt work or you see them buggy,use ps2 flag and swap back to original emu....

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