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Descargar Real PES Superpatch (PES 2014 Xbox 360) v3


- 90% Nationals (Kits, Fonts, Numbers)
- 100% English Premier League (Kits, Fonts, Numbers)
- 100% Serie A (Kits, Fonts, Numbers)
- 100% Eredivise
- 100% Liga BBVA (Kits, Fonts, Numbers)
- 100% Liga ZON Sagres (Kits, Fonts, Numbers)
- 100% Bundesliga (Kits, Fonts, Numbers, Rosters)
- 100% Italian Serie B Eurobet (Kits, Fonts, Numbers)
- 100% J.League (Kits, Fonts, Numbers)
- New National Teams Logos
- Added Adidas Kits for the All Stars Teams
- Updated a lot of national kits for the World Cup
- Fixed much kits without sponsor
- Added sleeves badge
- Edited a lot of Italian faces with internal editor
- Updated about 50 ugly Konami's faces added by DLC 2
- New GK gloves "Adidas Fingersave"
- New winter gloves "Adidas" for players
- HD logos for all competitions and teams
- New referee kit
- New HD boots 2013/2014 with previews and 3D models
- New HD ballpack season 2013/2014 with previews
- DLC 2.0 and patch 1.05
- Database updated on 03/09/2013
- Behind goal ad
- New Locker Room "As Roma"
- Added the 4 missing Champion's League teams (Austria Vienna, Basilea, Steaua Bucarest e Viktoria Plsken)
- Addboard for all stadium and game language, animated also
- White nets for all stadiums and all teams
- HD Corner Flag, New power gauge, New slimmer off-side line
- New Turfs For All Licensed Stadium (Except for Saitama Stadium)
- New Stadium Previews
- Bug Fix (Bundesliga Fonts and Numbs Iussue)
- Bug Fix (Fixed EPL kit Model and Everton Fonts/Numbs)
- Bug Fix (Fixed some National Team's Chest)
- Bug Fix (Fixed teams kits color and crowds for National Teams, Bundesliga, Liga Zon Sagres, J.League and Serie B)
- New Playlist (19 tracks)
- much more...


Put TU 5 in:


You have to put "dt50_001.cpk", "dt500_7999999999.cpk.temp" and "DpFileList.bin" here:

hdd1/ content/ 0000000000000000/ 4B4E0856/00000001/

Put the OF in this folder:

hdd1:\Content\YOURS ID HDD CONSOLE\4B4E0856

If you have an original or LT 3.0 console, you have to use Horizon to apply my patch.

1) Erase your old or original DLC1 and DLC2
2) Apply TU 5 with Horizon
2) Apply my dt50_001.cpk
3) Apply my dt500_7999999999.cpk.temp and DpFileList.bin
4) Apply my option file (EDIT.bin)
5) Copy my edited playlist in your usb stick

Read me Edited Playlist:

1) Copy the folder extracted from the rar "Playlist" in your usb stick root or in your External HDD (This one just in case you have a Rgh console)
2) Launch PES
3) In the first menù you have to go in "settings", playlist
4) Wait about 2 or 3 minutes while the game loads the folder
5) un-select all the original Konami tracks and select the edited ones
6) Exit from menù

N.B. When you launch PES and the game loads the first menù, the edited playlist takes about 2 minutes to load. Don't worry, it's ok! The game is a bit slow!!


By F.Totti89

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