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Descargar Recovery LE v3 for 3.71 M33-2

Captura de pantalla
Acaban de adaptar el Recovery tan chulo del CFW 3.40 LE para poder usarlo en el 3.52 M33.

Es en forma de plugin PRX, así pues puede activarse desde el XMB (simplemente pulsando SELECT+R), y además lo he traducido al español para que os mováis mejor por las opciones de configuración.


Simplemente copia el archivo "lees.prx" del ZIP a tu carpeta ms0:seplugins y añade la linea "ms0:sepluginslees.prx" (sin comillas) al archivo VSH.TXT de tu carpeta seplugins.



* Recovery LE v3 for 3.71 M33-2 *
* by Ketchup


What is it :

It's a plugin (and NOT a recovery to flash), that can be used on VSH and/or in GAME.
It'll allow to some a lot of things (change M33 configuration on the fly, mount a Video ISO, ...).

New since v2 :

* General:

- Time remaining with battery added
- A USB OF/ON text add (see USB menu)
- screen button problems has been fixed
- AntiUpdate feature added (thanks to tOc, _HellDashX_ , and Coolj)
- USB enabled via HOLD (without the menu)
: just put HOLD to enable USB (and USB device, i.e. UMD, Flash or MS)

* Settings :

- Recovery Config : new organisation (new menu Color)
- Color : possibility to change the selection cursor color

* Extends :

- CPU Speed : CPU Speed in VSH/GAME has been changed : you now only have choice between the 7 configurations allowed by DA (20, 75, 100, 133, 222, 266, 300 and 333)
- Pandora : Backup Battery Eeprom, and Restore Battery Eeprom added (note : you can have some eeprom writing errors, but your battery should still work)

* vshMenu :

- ISO Video added (see ISO Video for more informations)

* USB (new) :

- allow you to switch on/off USB

How to install :

Copy recovery.prx to ms0:/SEPLUGINS/. Then, add in VSH.txt and/or GAME.txt the line
and reboot to Recovery (R at startup).
Then, activate the plugin in VSH and/or GAME.
Done :)

How to use :

If you've not already use it, use Note+R to show menu, and Note+L to make a screenshot. Else, your HotKey should have been saved.

Note (please read it) :

As there is some problems with Toogle Flash, i do not tell you anymore to delete pConf.dat and from flash1. So, you may have a freeze at the first use of the plugin. If so, simply Turn off the PSP, and then turn on again. It should be fine

Known bugs :

- if you use ISO Video to mount one Video ISO of your ms, you may (and probably will) experience some freeze / problem with the plugin / problem to turn off the PSP. It's not a Recovery bug, but a M33 one.

- Some of you have experience some freeze when showing up the menu. So i've allocated more memory for the menu (only when you Show it up). So, if there is not enough memory (for example, if you are in Web Browser), you'll see a "Not enough Memory" to avoid these freeze. If so, just reboot your PSP, or wait for the memory to be cleaned.

Credits :

- team WildCard and Poison for the original Recovery plugin
- Nem & cory149 for Pandora Menu
- PSPGen of course :P

Menu Description (== Tutorial) :

* Settings :

- Base config : this allow you to change M33 configuration
- Advanced : allow you to changed advance settings (Slim only : you can enabled / disabled USB charge from this menu)
- Registry hack : allow you to change assign button, and to activate Flash / WMA.
- Recovery config : allow you to change the recovery config :
:) Color : allow you to change BG (background), BGS (background shadow) Font color and Sel (curso selection) Color.
:) Other : allow you to change Menu & Screenshot HotKey
-> Reset : allow you to reset settings (Note+R for menu, and Note+L for screenshot if settings reseted).

* Extends :

- CPU speed : allow you to change CPU speed in VSH and GAME. (note : the speed is changed On the fly).
- Plugins : allow you to activate / desactivate plugin (note : it's not On the fly, so you'll need a reboot)
in VSH, GAME, POPS and GAME150 (only if Kernel 1.50 is detected).
- Brightness: allow you to change Screen brightness (note : the brightness is kept in memory, so after a game / a reboot, you'll still have the brightness set before).
- Pandora : allow you to convert your Battery to : Pandora (0xffffffff), Normal with possible side effects (0x12345678), Autoboot (normal one with automatic power on when the battery is put in the PSP, 0X00000000). You can also Backup the Battery Eeprom to ms0:/eeprom.bin, and Restore it (with possible errors, but not a big deal).

* vshMenu :

- XMB USB Dev : allow you to change USB Device on XMB. It's done On the fly.

/! Warning : for now (3.71 M33 v2), it's REALLY DANGEROUS to toogle Flash on XMB. I recommend to use XMB UMB Device Only for MS and UMD. Please KEEP THIS IN MIND /!

- ISO Video : allow you to mount one of your Video ISO on your ms (ms0:/ISO/VIDEO). Choose NONE to go back to your UMD. Don't forget to use a Video UMD (or an Audio UMD if you want to mount an Audio ISO).

/! It seems that this option may cause some problems (these bugs has also been seen on original VSH Menu). So keep it mind that if you use it, you can have some problems (not big problems, but some freeze, or the impossibility to Power off the PSP. In these cas, simply put off the battery for some seconds).

* USB :

Toogle USB (use XMB USB Device to choose).

Note 1 : see the XMB USB Dev Warning
Note 2 : if USB is on, and if you change XMB USB Device, the USB will be turned to off.
Note 3 : if you close Recovery Menu, the USB will be turned to off.

* Power :

- sleep
- power off
- reboot

Note : see Iso Video Warning

* General :

On the down of the main menu, you can see from left to right :
- XMB USB Device
- USB On/Off
- the PSP type and the Recovery Plugin version :
* 3.71 Fat R*3 : you're on a Fat without kernel 1.5, and the recovery version is 3
* 3.71 Fat+1.5 R*3 : you're on a Fat with kernel 1.5, and the recovery version is 3
* 3.71 Slim R*3 : you're on a Slim, and the recovery version is 3
- on the right, a little Pannel will show you :
* % of battery, with a little graphic
* Remaining time of battery (note : it can show some erratic value at startup, or when you plug off AC)
* CPU / BUS Speed
* Time

Bugs, remark ?

You can tell all bugs / remarks on PSPGen (for french people), or in QJ / maxconsole / other website where i've posted.

You can also sent a mail at

Ketchup :)

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