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Descargar WebMan 1.10

Changelog v1.10:


    Added support for PSX games in /PSXGAMES/ folder (for Iris compatibility) and in /PSXISO for mM/mmCM compatibility
  • PSX games must be in CUE+ISO, CUE+BIN (if audio tracks are present) or just plain ISO (2352 bytes/sector)
  • Added support for /dev_hdd0/PS3IS0/AUTOBOOT.ISO - if present it will be auto-loaded at startup and if Disc Auto-Start is enabled it will be started (that means you can have any APP to boot at system startup)
  • Added content grouping

So now webMAN supports:

  • PS3 games in JB/folder format
  • PS3 ISO games (in /PS3IS0) - split supported
  • PS2 ISO games (/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO only)
  • PS1 ISO/BIN games (in /PSXISO and /PSXGAMES)
  • DVD movies in ISO format (in /DVDISO) - split supported
  • Blu-ray movies in ISO format (in /BDISO) - split supported

Split format is MyTitle.iso.0 --- MyTitle.iso.15

Have fun!


p.s. One thing remaining now is to find a way to properly group content.




1) webftp_server.sprx (in /dev_hdd0)
2) boot_plugins.txt (in /dev_hdd0) (unzip the file)
3) category_game.xml (in /dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/) (unzip the file)
4) COBRA7-Rogero firmware
5) PS3 browser set in Tools -> Confirmation on Browser Close -> "OFF"


Loading games in folder/iso format takes only 1-2 seconds, completely discless, child-proof.


If you add/remove games or attach new usb hdds you will have to use the "Refresh Game List" option in "My Games" or simply restart the system. A restart is actually required for the PS3 to re-read the regenerated fb.xml


Thanks to dreamcat4 who suggested the .xml method via email back on October 23rd and to exofreak for his POC release.

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