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Descargar PS ISO Tool 1.0.1

 PS ISO Tool (Supports PS1 / PS2 / PS3 / PSP disc images) (CaptainCPS-X, 2013)
 This tool will parse any of the supported PlayStation ISO / BIN. The module will 
 also check for valid (ISO9660 / MODE1 / 2048) or (MODE2 / 2352).
 When used as library for an application this can:
 - [PS1 / PS2] Get game Title ID from SYSTEM.CNF and obtain Title from a text database.
 - [PS3 / PSP] Get game Title and ID from the PARAM.SFO inside the ISO (no need for text database).
 - Titles gets automatically converted from UTF-8 to ASCII.
 - Provide a function to patch PS3 ISOs created with different applications than 
   GenPS3iso (Ex. ImgBurn, PowerISO).
 When used as application:
 - Users can quickly patch any specified PS3 ISO created with different application than 
   GenPS3iso (Ex. ImgBurn, PowerISO).
 Note: Patching will make the ISO valid for the PS3 system, if you try to mount 
 it without patching, the system will not detect it.
ps_isotool [opt] [in]
 Example 1 - Patching a PS3 game ISO:
ps_isotool --ps3 --verbose --patch "C:\PS3ISO\MyPS3ISO.iso"
 Example 2 - Displaying info from ISOs:
ps_isotool --ps1 --verbose "C:\PSXISO\MyPS1ISO.bin"
ps_isotool --ps2 --verbose "C:\PS2ISO\MyPS2ISO.iso"
ps_isotool --ps3 --verbose "C:\PS3ISO\MyPS3ISO.iso"
ps_isotool --psp --verbose "C:\PSPISO\MyPSPISO.iso"
Note: If you don't specify --verbose then only the Title ID and Title will be displayed.
v1.01 (November 9, 2013)
- Fixed typo, now all references to "vervose" are correctly named "verbose".
- Removed accidental duplicate macro definition on "psiso_tool.h".
v1.00 (November 9, 2013)
- Initial Release.

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