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Descargar Cobra USB Source Code

A few days ago, STLcardsWS sent us a request, asking if we could release the source code of the Cobra USB dongle.

Today, we are fulfilling this request with a release of the full source code. We are releasing the entire source code under the GPL license.

You will find an overview.txt file which explains the content of each directory, and a readme.txt file in the cobralib subdirectory which explains its API and how to use it.

The source code is massive, and represents countless hours of work, containing 33,346 lines of C code, 5,981 lines of C++ code, 2,728 lines of assembly code and 35,530 lines in header files. We are sure that you can make good use of it, in part or in whole, within the community.

We hope that this release will be useful to the PS3 scene as a whole and that some of our exclusive features can be ported to the new and free custom firmwares.

As for all those haters out there who found the announcement of this effort as a new pretext to show your hate towards us, let it be known that this is not a PR stunt as you seem to think, this idea came from STLcardsWS, writer for psx-scene and dashhacks, who sent his request to us, and we accepted it. 

We have no obligation to release the source, and if you don't want or like it, then simply don't download it. We are saddened to see people still finding ways to complain no matter what we decide to do. Even if it is for the scene that we do it. It is truly sad to see some people unable to show any other emotions than hate and ungratefulness.

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