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Descargar Cobra ODE Firmware 2.2

We are happy to release the 2.2 update for all Cobra versions including the 5.1B and 5.3A PCB revisions V5.x boards, we have increased USB read speeds by 40%
* and further improved the success rate of swapping discs for the bypass
Furthermore, we have added support for 4.60 ofw bypass and new bypass tools
 (applicable to all Cobra ODE versions v3.x, 4.x and 5.x)
We have also added a another nice features, auto region patching for psx games.
Various fixes for stability and configuration have been added, please refer to the changelog in the mcu update folder.
V5.30A users please note that a bug has been fixed in the 2.1 firmware which caused ISO's not to load if the drive door was not toggled open and then closed. Please ensure you update to the 2.2 Cobra ODE fw asap.
We have now successfully bypassed 4.60 ofw on older PS3 consoles (PATA, SATA FAT, 2k, 2k5 and 3k models). An additional hardware module (Cobra DMC) is required and will be sold bundled with 5.10B or 5.3A versions of the Cobra ODE. 
The Cobra DMC hardware module also supports in tradition with Cobra philosophy all previous versions of the Cobra ODE (V3.x and 4.x) hardware and may be purchased from your local reseleller soon.
Resellers may contact us at: to order the additional Cobra DMC hardware modules.
The cobra 2.3 firmware will be released simultaneously with release of the DMC hardware module.
Photo's of the Cobra DMC will follow next week.
* v5.x boards: Add support for v5.30A boards
* v5.x boards: Increase USB read speeds by 40%
* Increase success rate of swapping discs for the bypass
* Add support for 4.60 bypass and new bypass tools
* Add support for auto region patching of PSX games
* Fix PS2 games and BD movies not working with the manager.on_reboot=1 option enabled
* Fix a bug with PS1 disc support
* Fix a possible freeze of the ODE when removing HDD while game is reading
* Fix freeze when dumping original discs to HDD
* Add support for games.encrypted=1 configuration option
* Add support for psx.region configuration option
* FPGA 1 : Fix AES encryption timing issues causing some encryption errors
* FPGA 3 : Improve stability
* V5.x boards : Update USB driver
* V5.x boards : Fix race condition on USB reads causing error
* Add support for bypass.delay configuration option
* Add support for folders.ps3_games configuration option
* Add support for folders.ps2_games configuration option
* Add support for folders.ps1_games configuration option
* Add support for folders.bd_movies configuration option
* Add support for folders.dvd_movies configuration option
* Fix issue with uninitialized configuration on ODE boot causing software pass-through mode to be enabled by default until valid HDD is inserted
* Change default manager type to browser
* Set eject.on_selection=1 option as default
* Set eject.add_menu=1 option as default
* Set mcu.underclock=1 option as default
* Fix issue of disc not showing if PS3 boots with a BD-RE disc in tray
* Display firmware version in XMB when using the browser
* Fix bypass method freezing for 4k systems with MPX001 motherboards
* FPGA 1 : Increase AES encryption module performance to 220% faster than previous release
* FPGA 3 : Fix disc dumping corruption and increase disc dumping performance by 100%
* Added support for manager.type=browser configuration option to autogenerate browser
* Added support for software-emulation Pass-Through mode
* Added support for bypass.4.55=1 configuration option to bypass the 4.55 superslim security
* Added support for configuration option to force software-emulation Pass-Through
* Added support for updating PS3 firmware without needing to switch to PT mode
* Added support for eject.add_menu=1 configuration option to add a menu to return to manager when game iso is loaded
* Added support for eject.delay option to specify delay in milliseconds before reinsertion of disc after it has been ejected on QSB systems
* Added support for manager.on_eject=0 configuration option
* Added support for mcu.underclock configuration option
* Added support for leds.disable configuration option to disable specific LED colors
* Various stability fixes
* Added PS1 game support
* Added PS2 game support
* Added DVD movies support
* Added BD movies support
* Added game.type=ps3|ps1|ps2|dvd|bd configuration option for manager.type=disabled
* Added iso.X.type=ps3|ps1|ps2|dvd|bd configuration option for manager.type=custom
* Added disc.unsupported=ignore configuration option
* Enable HDD hot swap. auto-eject feature will be activated when HDD is inserted or removed
* Disable HDD polling while PS3 is reading from the HDD
* Fix crash with HDD polling
* Fix freezing with auto-eject feature
* Various bug and stability fixes
* Temporary workaround for fake-eject not working on 4.x boards and pata/sata consoles
* New volume id field in COBRA info file
* New game type field in COBRA info file
* 500 iso limit is reached in the following order:  ps3 games, ps1 games, ps2 games, dvd movies, bd movies
* Increase version number and recompiled 1.7 to avoid a compiler bug which caused MCU to crash
* Increase stealth for IRD generated iso by supporting custom disc piczone
* Add support for auto-eject of discs for game selection
* Add support for eject.on_selection=1 configuration option
* Fix PS3 freeze when HDD enters sleep mode
* Add support for hdd.poll=INT configuration option
* Add support for /dev_bdvd/COBRA/EJECT file
* Add new quick_eject information in COBRA.NFO
* Fix support for manager.on_reboot=1 option for SLIM consoles
* Add support for manager.type=custom configuration option
* Add support for manager.type=custom+homebrew and manager.type=homebrew+custom configuration option
* Add support for iso.INT.sector=HEX and iso.INT.path configuration options
* Add support for manager.disctype=cd/dvd/bd/ps1/ps2/ps3 configuration option
* Add support for game.disctype=cd/dvd/bd/ps1/ps2/ps3 configuration option
* Fix a couple of bugs with ODE functionality
* Fix support for some USB drives that were broken with previous update
* Fix crash when over 120 files were in the PS3_GAMES directory
* Increase file and iso limit from 128 to 500 files
* Add support for cobra.cfg configuration file
** Add support for manager.type=disabled configuration option
** Add support for manager.on_reboot=1 configuration option
** Add support for game.path= configuration option
* Fix support for some USB drives that were not being detected
* Allow iso files without an ICON0.PNG, such as install discs, to be mounted
* Added DISC.ISO LBA to the COBRA.NFO file
* Change iso information file format, expose file size
* Added support for NTFS drives with 2048 and more than 4096 cluster sizes
* Added COBRA.NFO file to /dev_bdvd/COBRA directory containing firmware version
* Allow switching from manager mode to game mode by ejecting the disc after
making the selection in the manager. Rebooting the console is not necessary
anymore, but still an option.
* Initial factory release


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