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Descargar PS3 HDD Reader


Ok, with much help from @mind i get it work. A BIG THX to @mind for help medebug the prog.
The app can now read, and copy from, fat and slim hdd's.
Some words to safety. The app has only read access, self the incredible bug ofall Bug's, can not lead to a write access. The app can not destroy your ps3-hdd.Windows knows not about a ps3-hdd, its a unknown format for windows.That mean, if you not initialize the ps3-hdd, AND DO IT NEVER, the ps3-hdd is notexisting for windows, no random read or write processes to a device whichnot exists for the os.
have fun First Release
A simple on-the-fly decrypter and ufs2 reader as comandline tool for windows.To see the content of your gameos(dev_hdd0) and copy files and folders to PC.No write suport! Hdd will only read.
Put your eid_root_key file in the program folder and connect your ps3_slim_hdd
to your PC. Comands are "dir" or "ls" for see a directory, e.g.:
ps3 dir /
to see the root of dev_hdd0, or
ps3 ls /home/0000000X
to see your user folder. To copy a file or folder use "cp" or "copy", e.g.:
ps3 cp /home/0000000X/exdata/act.dat
to copy act.dat to the program folder, or
ps3 copy /home/0000000X/exdata
to copy the whole exdata folder. Its not a profie app, quickly written, maybe you found bugs.

Have fun

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