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Descargar Gateway 3DS Firmware 3.7 Public Beta

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Today we are back with another BIG update! Let's see what is new:

* Latest emunand (10.3) support for New 3DS!
* Cheat code edit bug fixed

That's right! From the start we promised you New 3DS emunand support for later firmware versions after 9.6, and today is that day!
We always deliver and with this new update you can finally update emunand on New 3DS to the latest 10.3 firmware!

We also fixed a bug in when trying to edit an existing cheat code from the cheat config menu, as it was not always showing the proper code.

That's it for now, and more to come soon!

And as always, ENJOY!



And we are back again with another update! Let's see what's new:

- Save edited and found cheats to microSD
- Choose custom in-game button activator
- Added warning in Reset search
- Fixed memory search freeze
- Fixed language switch bug
- Fixed long cheat description bug
- Fixed 16-bit conditional mask support, useful for 8bit conditionals
- Cheat finder exact search cancel support
- Cheat code type Exxxxxxx support (patch code)
- Cheat nested conditionals support

Now you can save the codes entered in the cheatcode editor back to microSD!

In the cheatcode editor, simply press START to save the current code list to a new cheat code.
Or, configure the cheatlist and press X to edit or press Y to remove the current highlighted cheat code.
From the hit list, you can now also press X to add the current hit as a code to the cheatcode editor.

These new features should make it a breeze to edit and save codes, all from within the 3DS! No PC needed!

That's it for now! And as always Enjoy!


Today we are back with more presents for all! Let's list a quick summary:

* Introducing the Gateway 3DSX homebrew application!

* Gateway ULTRA 3.6.1 Bugfix Release
- Menu button speed more finetuned now
- Enabled ingame menu for demo and system applications (such as Mii Plaza)
- Expanded ram dumper / cheats region to 0x3FFFFFFF
- Fixed forced sysnand booting bug (previously defaulted always to emunand)
- Changed menu highlight color to red

We heard your feedback! And today we have already fixed just a few of those things already with Gateway ULTRA 3.6.1.

And that's not all, we also created GW.3DSX: a nifty little homebrew application that is loaded through the 3DS Homebrew Channel ( and provides another way of booting into Gateway mode.
This means you can now choose your favourite entrypoint that works with the Homebrew Channel, such as the popular cold boot menuhax,
and boot straight into the Gateway menu!

Note that this currently only works for systems up to sysnand firmware version 9.2, but we are working on that!

That's right! We can already reveal another surprise that is coming SOON: We will be bringing Gateway support to systems that are on the current LATEST FIRMWARE: 10.3 and lower
So do not update past this version, because we will not be able to bring support for versions after that any time soon!

Happy Holidays to all, and many thanks to the homebrew dev team and community!

That's it for now, and as always, Enjoy!


Merry Christmas Y'all! Team GATEWAY is back with a nice update for our loyal userbase to enjoy!

Today we present GATEWAY ULTRA v3.6! Read on for more info on the new functionality..
But lets start with the full featurelist:

* Added in-game menu!
- Configure cheats (supports CIA and 3DS formats)
- Search for cheats
- RAM dumper
- Hex editor

* Improved game selection menu!
- Switch game language instantly
- Switch between classic mode and Gateway mode instantly
- Handy SYSNAND/EMUNAND indicator
- Smooth and fluid movements

* Improved cheats!
- More memory (x4!)
- Repeat code Cxxxxxxx fixed

In our last release we gave you a taste of our new cheat engine, today we take it a step further by
putting cheat hacking capabilities in YOUR hands! We've added a way of overriding the language auto
detection for games which has been requested a lot! We also got a request to increase the available cheat space,
so we quadrupled it! This should give plenty of space!

You can press the UP key in the game selection menu to get a list of options which allow you to
set the mode and language as well as the activator key you want to use for our brand new in-game menu!

The in-game cheatmenu offers all kinds of exciting functionalities for cheaters and aspiring
hackers. There's a classic "cheat search" which allows you to scan for 8, 16, 32 bit
values (both signed and unsigned) and lets you select various conditions (greater than, less than,
equal, exact value, etc.) to narrow the number of possible memory locations. Like magic, within
minutes you will be able to find the memory address that holds the player's lifes and directly
edit the memory from the in-game cheat menu! If that's not enough, advanced cheat hackers can directly
enter the hex editor and hack away at writable memory regions at will.

Furthermore you can create RAM dumps to the microSD card in the Gateway Red card if you plan to do analysis of these on
your computer rather than use our cheat finder. The format for the dumps files is as follows:
* 32 bit header with number of memory mappings (mapcount)
* mapping info objects [int vaddr, int paddr, int size] (12byte per entry)
* data for each mapping, stored consecutively

Note that most of the ingame functionality requires the Gateway Red card and a microSD with some writable space available
for temporary memory storage.

As always, enjoy! There's still much more to come! Support the true innovators!


Today we are back with a quick firmware update!

We would like to thank our users for the prompt feedback of our previous firmware update!
You are always helping us improve and think of new features that we never could have imagined.

* Fixed loading issues for CIA based games, classic mode
* Allow bigger ExFAT cluster sizes again
* Teaser for the surprise feature!

Our previous firmware accidentally always enabled our cheat engine, even if you did not enable it.
This caused all kinds of weird issues, but we hope those are all resolved now.

NOTE: We are working on supporting cheats for CIA based games, and it is coming soon.

We also rewrote our filesystem driver from scratch in order to support our surprise feature, and in doing so we
have introduced some minor inconveniences such as added checks for ExFAT cluster sizes.
These are now removed as some users had cluster sizes as big as 32MB.

Some users did not know what cheats are currently available, so here we list them:

LEGO Star Wars III - The Clone Wars (USA)
Sonic Generations (USA)
Star Fox 64 3D (USA)
The Legend of Zelda - A Link Between Worlds (USA)
Yoshis New Island (USA)

These are mainly as a proof of concept, and we expect many more to come with the help of our users!

As for the Special KEYPAD cheat code, the keypad value can be any combination of the following:

0x1        A
0x2        B
0x4        Select
0x8        Start
0x10    Right
0x20    Left
0x40    Up
0x80    Down
0x100    R
0x200    L
0x400    X
0x800    Y


We would like to formally introduce our next upcoming feature that we have in the works: the ingame menu!
With the ingame menu, you pause the game and you will be able to:
* Live edit game memory RAM with an on screen hex editor!
* Live configuration of cheats
* Live search for cheats!
* And many more features that we have planned

See below for our current proof of concept in action!

That's it for now, and as always, ENJOY!

Today we are very proud to present a new firmware update: GATEWAY ULTRA 3.5!

* Cheat code support
* Updated emunand support for 10.3 for Old 3DS

We've heard your prayers and here it is! Cheat code support for GATEWAY 3DS!

First things first. Our current cheat library is very small and should be
considered more as a proof of concept than anything else. We need you,
cheat hackers and cheaters around the globe to hack us some cool codes.

How, you ask us? That is a question we will soon answer, STAY TUNED. :-)

And as always, support the innovators not the imitators and ENJOY!

PS: We have noticed some serious and dangerous flaws in an unofficial Gateway emulation plugin,
and we strongly urge to cease using this plugin and only use GENUINE Gateway!  You have been warned!


1. Simply copy the folder "cheats" into the root of your microSD card that will go into the Gateway RED card.
   Each file inside the cheats folder will be of the format <TitleID>.txt where TitleID is the title id of the game.

2. Boot into Gateway mode, and press SELECT to make the Gateway game selection menu appear.

3. Select your game and then press Y to enter cheat mode.

4. Enable the cheats you want and then press START to load the game.


The GATEWAY 3DS cheatcode format is based on the old ActionReplay DS
code format, the one you all know and love! We added some code types
for your convenience as well!

The following code types are supported:

NOTE: default value of offset and data registers is zero.

Memory Writes:
0XXXXXXX YYYYYYYY - 32bit write to [XXXXXXX + offset]
1XXXXXXX 0000YYYY - 16bit write to [XXXXXXX + offset]
2XXXXXXX 000000YY - 8bit write to [XXXXXXX + offset]

Conditional 32bit codes:
3XXXXXXX YYYYYYYY - Greater Than (YYYYYYYY > [XXXXXXX + offset])

Conditional 16bit deref + write codes:

Offset Codes:
BXXXXXXX 00000000 - offset = *(xxx)
D3000000 XXXXXXXX - set offset to immediate value
DC000000 XXXXXXXX - Adds an value to the current offset

Loop Code:
C0000000 YYYYYYYY - Sets the repeat value to 'YYYYYYYY'
D1000000 00000000 - Loop execute
D0000000 00000000 - Terminator code

Data Register Codes:
D4000000 XXXXXXXX - Adds XXXXXXXX to the data register
D5000000 XXXXXXXX - Sets the data register to XXXXXXXX
D6000000 XXXXXXXX - (32bit) [XXXXXXXX+offset] = data ; offset += 4
D7000000 XXXXXXXX - (16bit) [XXXXXXXX+offset] = data & 0xffff ; offset += 2
D8000000 XXXXXXXX - (8bit) [XXXXXXXX+offset] = data & 0xff ; offset++
D9000000 XXXXXXXX - (32bit) sets data to [XXXXXXXX+offset]
DA000000 XXXXXXXX - (16bit) sets data to [XXXXXXXX+offset] & 0xffff
DB000000 XXXXXXXX - (8bit) sets data to [XXXXXXXX+offset] & 0xff

Special Codes:
DD000000 XXXXXXXX - if KEYPAD has value XXXXXXXX execute next block

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