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Descargar JPS3 Visualizer Beta

This application basically allows the display of PS3 games and applications you have installed on the hard drive, allowing it to display instead of the game code (BCES0009), the name of the game for PS3 in the language that we have chosen as long as the game will contain, besides will display an image of the game when you click on a folder.
Allows you to connect via FTP, SMB, LAN, SFTP, WEBDAV, HTTP, HTTPS, FILE (Folder on your system)
The markers used are stored, so it can be accessed easily and quickly.
Allows to calculate the size occupied by each game, which will be shown next to the name of the game.
Show the total installed games and the HDD size, free space and occupied space.
Also copy the filename of the game.
All data can be saved to speed up the display of games.
Thank you very much.
by nokiajavi.

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