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Descargar PS3 Game List 1.7

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PS3 Game List by nullptr.
Version 1.7
- Added Game folder renamer with dynamic patterns and back up for original names (\Backup.txt).
- When renaming, "TITLE" is replaced by game title, and "TITLE_ID" is replaced by game ID.
- Added trophy icons to the trophy list.
- Other small tweaks.
Version 1.5
- Added support for scanning games in network shared folders (proper permissions should be set)
- Browsing trohpies while scanning for games.
- double click an item on the list to show its text on a tooltip.
- fixed minor bugs.
- For games with multiple trophies (Ex: MGS HD Edition), press F2 to switch between trophy sets.
- right click a game to "open its folder".

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