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Descargar DMLizard 4.0

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DMLizard (v4.0) - by eN-t


1. How to use DMLizard

Simply start DMLizard by double-clicking the executable.
After the initialization you should see the main menu, this is where you start.
From here on, follow the on-screen instructions.

When prompted, enter the number of your choice which is written in []-brackets and press
enter to confirm your choice.

Sometimes you have the ability to drag and drop files into the DMLizard window.
If drag'n'drop does not work (for whatever reason) do either go to main menu page 2 and
choose the "Enable drag'n'drop feature" entry or simply enter the FULL path of the file
you want to input and proceed with enter. This is much easier if you shift-rightclick the
file and choose "copy as path" and "paste".

To exit DMLizard, simply go the main menu and choose "0 - Exit DMLizard".


2. Install/Uninstall/Update DIOS MIOS (Lite) from/on your Wii

To (un)install or update DM(L), simply use DMLizard to create the DM(L) WAD. It will
create three WAD files: the up-to-date DM(L) WAD, the original MIOS WAD and BC WAD.
To install DM(L) simply install the DM(L) WAD (and maybe BC WAD) with YAWMM on your Wii.
To uninstall DM(L) simply install the original MIOS WAD on your Wii.


3. Updating DMLizard

DMLizard uses an integrated auto-updater so you should always be using the latest version.


4. Uninstalling DMLizard

To uninstall DMLizard simply delete its folder/path.


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