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Descargar XBMPC 0.9

Captura de pantalla
XMBPC v0.9.2 RC
XMBPC is a free tool to emulate/simulate the PS3 XMB User Interface on your PC.

Developers/Testers/Other helpful people
DEV:     SvenGDK
TESTERS: GregoryRasputin and harryoke
OTHER:   Cromon, LoboGuara, JonahUK and DEFAULTDNB

What has been done already?

Setup: Done
Driver installation: Not done yet (Requires Motionjoy driver!)
XMB Boot: Done (Boots up like the PS3)
Graphical user interface: Almost done (Animated background still missing)
Playstation Button Menu: Almost done
Controller support: Done (Bluetooth connection works also)
PS2 Emulator integration: Done (Emulator by PCSX)
PS1 Emulator integration: Done (Emulator by EPSXE)
PS1 Emulator integration: Done (Emulator by PPSSPP)
XMB Clock: Halfway done
Available Languages: English, Deutsch, Français
Internet Browser: Halfway done

Category browsing: "Games", "Home/Users", "Music", "Videos", "Pictures" and "Settings"
Subcategory browsing: "Games->PS1, PS2 & PSP Games"

Handling PC Game Discs: Done
Handling PS2 Game Discs: Done
Handling PS1 Game Discs: Done
Handling Games itself: Done
Handling Music Files: Done
Handling Movie Files: Done
Handling Image Files: Done
Handling Downloads: Done

Starting Internet Browser: Done
Starting Games: Done
Starting Music Player: Done
Starting Video Player: Done
Starting Picture Viewer: Done
Download files: Done
Starting PS2 Games: Done (You need to configure it first, BIOS etc.)
Starting PS1 Games: Done (You need to configure it first, BIOS etc.)
Starting PS1 Games: Done

Music Player: Done
Video Player: Halfway done
Picture Viewer: Halfway done
Downloader: Done
Updater: Done
PS2 Emulator Integration: Done
PS1 Emulator Integration: Done
PSP Emulator Integration: Done
PS3 Internet Browser: Halfway done

Video & Music Player Controls

L1         -> Volume up
L2         -> Volume down
Circle (O) -> Exit
Triangle   -> Open Control Panel (NOT WORKING YET)
Cross  (X) -> Execute selected control

Picture Viewer Controls
L1         -> Last picture
R1         -> Next picture
Circle (O) -> Exit
Square     -> Change picture format
Triangle   -> Set as backgroundimage
Cross  (X) -> Converts X to ENTER key (With this you can skip messageboxes etc.)

Downloader Controls
Circle (O) -> Cancel & Exit
Cross (X)  -> Converts X to ENTER key (With this you can skip messageboxes etc.)

File Browser Controls
Up         -> Previous entry
Down       -> Next entry
Cross (X)  -> Select

Internet Browser Controls
Start        -> Opens address bar
Up           -> Moves cursor up
Down         -> Moves cursor down
Left         -> Moves cursor left
Right        -> Moves cursor right
Cross (X)    -> Open selected link (...)
Square+Up    -> Scrolls up
Square+Down  -> Scrolls down
L1           -> Go back
R1           -> Go forward
Triangle     -> Open menu (NOT DONE YET)
Circle (O)   -> Exit

In-Game Controls (PC, PS2 and PS1)
PS Button -> XMB Game Menu / Return to game

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