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Descargar Swizzy's Dashlaunch Temp Monitor v1.4 Build: 35

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Swizzy's Dashlaunch Temp Monitor v1.4 Build: 35

   Requirements - What you need to do have in order for this to work!
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later
- Dashlaunch 2.28 or later with tempbcast = true in launch.ini
- Network connection within the same network which the Xbox 360 is connected to

   Overview - What it does
- It'll read the temperature data that dashlaunch broadcasts and convert it to something you can read (in Celcius)
- It'll show you the temperatures in real-time as well as log them for you (you'll need to manually save the log, it doesn't do that on it's other then autoflush)
- It'll Color code the temperatures that are displayed as current/last read  ** the temperatures are configurable with; green beeing below good temps  which are labeld as "low", orange beeing in between low/high and red if  the temperature is higher then the specified value **
- It'll save your settings in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Swizzy\DashlaunchTempMonitor\
- It'll generate a graph/chart on temperatures over time (automatically updating in real time as data is received from the console)

    Changelog - New features and bug fixes

* v1.4 *
- Changed: Major code cleanup
- Changed: No longer saving settings to file on disk, it now saves settings to registry
- Changed: The options window no longer have textboxes for numeric input, it now have NumericUpDown, meaning you now have arrows to choose input with :)
- Added: Graphs, you can now get statistics on how your consoles temperatures changes over time (this uses ZedGraph: http://www.codeproje...library-for-NET )
- Added: Method to convert "old style settings" to new one...
- Added: Corona memory units are now displayed with an easier to read path aswell :)
- Added: Added some more poweron reasons (and changed a little with how they're displayed)

* v1.3 *
- Changed: No longer requires the use of .net framework 3.5, now works perfectly fine with 2.0 aswell and won't complain, it actually worked perfectly fine for 2.0 aswell all the time, just set it higher then required due to beeing one of my early projects :)
- Fixed: Bug in options window that caused the app to ignore what you set "Include TitleID/Media ID" to (Thanks to Surazal for finding and fixing this in a mod, now it's time for an official update from me with the fix along with some more features ;))
- Added: Support for logging power on reason (added to dashlaunch as of v 3.02)
- Added: Option to display Power on reason in the log
- Changed: All output is now written to 1 line for easier parsing in for example excel to see statistics...
- Removed: In the output log (file) it'll no longer include the empty/blank lines :)

* v1.2 *
- Fixed: You will no longer get random characters from some games/applications
in the PEname output, one such application is FSD 2.0, it would output "T"
after the PEname... other games i've seen "?" and "$" in... not anymore :)
- Removed: Previous version had a fix for "?" and "$" replacing any/all of these
characters, not anymore, thus if a path contain any of these, or a name, now they'll
show the way they're supposed to, altought i doubt any program will have "?" in their
name/path :p
- Fixed: Crash when using old configuration, or not having "displayid" in the
configuration file, sorry!
- Changed: Resized the intial size of the window a bit, and also the size of the window if
it has started without the log (having the preset size for that) and now use the log...

* v1.1 *
- Removed: Option to display raw data in the log, it's not really needed
for end-users, if you are a dev and want to see the raw data, go right ahead
and download the source, uncomment the blob of code that handles this and
you'll have all of it right there infront of you in a flash! ;)
- Added: Support for reading Path/PEname data from dashlaunch 2.29 output
NOTE: it'll still support the data output of 2.28 just the same, difference
is that it now also reads the extra data that is within version 2.29
- Fixed: Optimized the app ALOT, it no longer use a shitload of your cpu
it now use around 1-3% of your CPU ;)
- Added: Translation for all devices that are currently available, so it's
easier for you to see/understand where the game/app is run from in the log later on
and also what is actually running :) (NOTE: this is not a flawless identification so
it may still be a bit cryptic to know what was running...)
- Added: Counter for how many readings are in the log
- Added: Option to automaticly flush the log to temps.log every time the counter reaches
the set value you've specified, this makes the log window cleaner and lets you keep logging
for a very long time and then check back to see how the temperatures changed without your
computer going berserk on you because your memory is packed with a shitload of data from my app
- Fixed: when opening the prog without the log then enabling it, the window would keep
the log hidden, now it resize the window properly, otherwise it saves the window size when you
hide the log and put's it back into that size when you want to show it again
- Added: Last minute change adding Title/Media ID output aswell, along with an option to
enable/disable this output in the log (it's on a seperate line to make it easier to find ;))

* v1.0b *
- Fixed: Re-Opening options menu now re-loads ALL options :)
- Fixed: Random crash when exiting while the app is still working
- Fixed: The app now only writes to log if there is new data rather then once each second
- Changed: Moved RAW data to be below temperatures instead of above
- Fixed: Middle temps are now shown in orange properly when it's between good/bad

* v1.0 *
- Initial Release

   Notes about paths
Paths will be translated from "\Device\....\" into something readable:

** These are related to the harddrive, HDD1 is the content partition,
HDDSYS is the system partition,
HDDSYSEXT is the extended system partition, this is where the avatar editor is **
\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\ becomes: HDD1:\
\Device\Harddisk0\SystemPartition\ becomes: HDDSYS:\
\Device\Harddisk0\SystemExtPartition\ becomes: HDDSYSEX:\
** FLASH is the nand of your console... **
\Device\Flash\ becomes: FLASH:\
** USB0, USB1, USB2 are the USB devices that you have connected to your console
first device it finds will be USB0, second USB1 and third USB2... **
\Device\Mass0\ becomes: USB0:\
\Device\Mass1\ becomes: USB1:\
\Device\Mass2\ becomes: USB2:\
** MU0 and MU1 should be fairly obvious? Memory units! (only on fats)
\Device\Mu0\ becomes: MU0:\
\Device\Mu1\ becomes: MU1:\
** INTMU devices are Built in memory unit of 4GB slims, the rest is like
\Device\BuiltInMuUsb\Storage\ becomes: INTMU:\
\Device\BuiltInMuUsb\StorageSystem\ becomes: INTMUSYS:\
\Device\BuiltInMuUsb\StorageExtPartition\ becomes: INTMUSYSEXT:\
** USBMU devices are USB memory formatted/configured by the dashboard under memory
\Device\Mass0PartitionFile\Storage\ becomes: USBMU0:\
\Device\Mass1PartitionFile\Storage\ becomes: USBMU1:\
\Device\Mass2PartitionFile\Storage\ becomes: USBMU2:\
\Device\Mass0PartitionFile\SystemPartition\ becomes: USBMUSYS0:\
\Device\Mass1PartitionFile\SystemPartition\ becomes: USBMUSYS1:\
\Device\Mass2PartitionFile\SystemPartition\ becomes: USBMUSYS2:\
\Device\Mass0PartitionFile\SystemExtPartition\ becomes: USBMUSYS0EXT:\
\Device\Mass1PartitionFile\SystemExtPartition\ becomes: USBMUSYSEXT1:\
\Device\Mass2PartitionFile\SystemExtPartition\ becomes: USBMUSYSEXT2:\
** NANDMU devices is the built in memory unit in the nand on BigBlock Jaspers
the rest is like the HDDSYS/HDDSYSEXT ... **
\Device\BuiltInMuSfc\ becomes: NANDMU:\
\Device\BuiltInMuSfcSystem\ becomes: NANDMUSYS:\
\Device\FileSystemExtPartition2\ becomes: NANDMUSYSEXT:\
** DVD is rather obvious, the DVD drive... the disc... **
\Device\CdRom0\ becomes: DVD:\

for XBLA/GOD/LIVE etc. containers it will be translated into:
Path: Package:\... PEname: .... Package Hash: *some kind of a hash of the package, maybe title?*

     Credits - Thanks to:

- cOz, Thanks for dashlaunch! and thanks for all your help with everything!
- Jack Nepacha, Thanks for the icon and general support with the designing!
- Surazal, Thanks for your mod and especially thanks for asking me about releasing it instead of just throwing it out to everyone carelessly :)
- My Beta testers, Thanks for always beeing there for me, to help me find
bugs, and giving me general advice of how to improve the apps i make!

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