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Descargar PS2 ISO to XMB Conversion Command-Line GUI 1.0


PS2 ISO to XMB Conversion Command-Line GUI
v1.0 [Beta]
Hello all,
I recently decided to start converting my PS2 ISO's for use with
the PS3 system; here you have a Command-Line GUI that is simple to use.
NOTE THAT THIS TOOL uses the same RAP key for every game it processes 
(the same one that PS2Classics GUI uses, so credit to them for all of
the hard work over at ps3dev-network) :D
If enough positive feedback is given to this project, I will continue 
to enable BIN formats and add other changes... ;)
What this program will do:
Create a PKG and RAP for your ISO
Pros: Can launch the game from XMB at any point
      No multi-man required
Cons: Requires disc space (but you can use a game data switcher)
      Requires installation of multiple RAP's
1. Place your icons files inside of the Images folder
2. Run PS2iso2pkg.exe
3. Enter the PS2 Game ID
4. Enter the PS2 Game Title
5.  Follow the On-Screen Instrucions
6. WAIT until all [9] processes have completed
7. COPY the "exdata" and "packages" folder to an external HDD
8. Install the PKG entitled with your Game ID
9. Install and run reActPSN (included in packages folder)
10 You're all good! :)

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