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Descargar 3k3y firmware 2.10 beta

Notes for 3k3y firmware v2.10 Public Beta:
For now, while waiting for 3k3y isotools swap disk support, you can use the 
Cobra ODE ISO tools for 4.55 to create swap ISO file.
Burn with ImgBurn, use quality BD-R, Ritek worked fine for me. I've read some
claim BD-RE will work, but not in my tests, I tried with Verbatim BD-RE
(rewritable) and it failed. Also, make sure you use an original game disk which
is single layer (25GB), check the Cobra manual linked below for more info:
Setting SWAPTIMEOUT over 30 seconds made the PS3 XMB freeze, that is the
reason I limit it to 25 seconds. If you get freeze problem in XMB, try
lowering the value, or remove the SWAPTIMEOUT setting in 3key.cfg, then it
will default to 15 seconds.
The remote display will show "Load SWP disk" or "Load PS3 disk" when the
time comes, you need to quickly open the cover/lid and swap to the requested
disc and close the cover before SWAPTIMEOUT reaches zero, if too slow the
PS3 XMB will detect the open cover switch and give error, in this case try to
start over, if that also fails, power off the PS3 and restart. 
If you don't own a 3k3y remote you need to pay attention when the motor stops,
but this can be tricky, hopefully someone with a remote can post a video on
YouTube so you get an idea how the swap is done. During game updates the BD
drive can stop without actually requiring the swap disk, if so just leave the
PS3 disk in there when updates are installing on the XMB screen.
When installing a PS3 game update there will be several swaps between
SWP (swap) disc and PS3 (original) disc, also, after a game has an
update installed on the PS3 hard drive, there will be one extra swap to insert
original disc during normal gameplay. 
If you manage to screw up the swapping, or if it fails by itself, 
turn off the ps3 super slim using power button and start over. Pay attention
to drive motor sound and be careful, since it can spin with open lid
theoretically due to the cover switch handling by 3k3y. If a PS3 game update
was installing during a bad swap you might have to delete it in XMB, because
the update file can be corrupt (signed with the wrong disk loaded). 
3k3y firmware changelog:
v2.10 Public Beta
* Cobra 4.55 ISO tools supprt, COBRAISO=Y setting added to 3key.cfg
v2.08 Private Beta
* OFW 4.55 swap disc support with game updates working 
* No wire/soldering required for cover switch handling
* Remote display swap requests added
* SWAPTRICK=Y setting added to 3key.cfg 
* SWAPTIMEOUT=xx (between 5 - 25 seconds) setting added to 3key.cfg 
* Optional LANGUAGE=P0T setting added to 3key.cfg, giving P0T-NOoDLE font on the remote display in English (Thanks Sir Garbagetruck aka Lastebil for the heads up) 

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