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Descargar WiiCoverDownloader 3.7

WiiCoverDownloader is a simply Windows application for download covers for the most popular Wii Loader (Wiiflow, USB Loader GX, Configurable USB Loader).


v3.7 (28/04/2013)

Simply add a message while application read devices at startup

v3.6 (28/04/2013)

Fixed an issue in case of bad download (wrong MD5) for tools file from

v3.5 (26/04/2013)

Added auto/detect of device at startup
Improved speed for check ID for Wii games
Added another path for Configurable USB loader boot.dol/boot.elf (some user have it on apps\usb-loader)

v3.4 (23/04/2013)

In previous version there was a not correct MD5 check for, sorry.

v3.3 (23/04/2013)

Now WIT isn't more used: but now GC covers will be downloaded only if in Dios-Mios format ("device:games\ID\game.iso")
Fixed an issue with minimize button
Fixed an issue when selected an empty WBFS partition
Other little changes

v3.2 (17/04/2013)

Changed function for execute external program
v3.1 (10/04/2013)

Now application will take admin privileges at start-up

v3.0 (01/03/2013)

tab-stop and tab-index corrected where necessary
Changed function for check and verify titles (more faster)
Also titles.txt will downloaded for selected gametdb language
Code clean and some little fix.
Now everything should be as I wanted: I hope you like it

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