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Descargar PS3 SimpleUpdates 1.6 Build 2 final

v1.6 Build 2 Final

Added: Backup
Added: Cover Path - Single click Preview panel
Added: Search Options on Search form
Added: Multi Cover Download Urls - Settings / Covers
Added: Right Click Menu - Covers / Path, Google search / Url Server/'s (Multiple - Settings/Covers)
Added: Right Click Menu - PicPreview - Default Viewer, Explore Dir, Open Dir
Added: Message Box's to the Add funtion
Moved: Link search results from Main to List>Text form
Tweaked: Form Displays - Search, Settings
Removed: Maximize - System tray menu
Fixed: System tray menu - Close Alt+F4 - Hard Closing
Fixed: List Resize Display
Fixed: Dupes for Save Links
Fixed: Save Links Not recording Game ID's, Game Names
Notes: Use the search with Links and do a blank search. Find the GameID in the url and re-Fetch Or, Simply re-Fetch all your games.

v1.6 Build 1 Final

Replaced: List file to MS Access Database
Added: Save Links to DB - Options / Database
Added: Copy Games DB Entry to Personal DB
Added: Notes to DB - Includes Image Import
Added: Export (Search) / Import DB (Update)
Added: Editable DB Rich Text Info
Added: New Entry to DB - Includes Image Import
Added: Search DB in Games, Links, Personal
Added: Asc, Desc Search DB in Games, Links, Personal
Added: Asc, Desc Search DB GameID, GameName in Games, Links, Personal
Added: DB, Table names in Search
Added: Remove UnWanted Split string function - Settings/Options
Added: Scroll with Arrow buttons - Up, Down, Left, Right
Added: Fetch on Enter button
Added: ReSize
Added: Cover Path
Added: A few more visual enhancements and improvements.
Including but not limited too
Download PS3 Game IDs list
Skinnable menu icons
Single Click DB Entry - Double Click PS3 Update
Ability to click links in Notes
Clickable Preview Image - View in Main
Deleteable Image - Editing DB Entry
Skin error Description
And many more

Removed: Notes.txt - See: Notes to DB
Removed: Save Links to 0 byte files - See: Save Links to DB
Fixed: back.bmp, list.bmp Skin paths on first open

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