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  • Añadido el: Jan 21 2013 12:42
  • Actualizado el: Aug 12 2013 00:46
  • Tamaño: 5.22MB
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Descargar WiiBrowser r121

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WiiBrowser is a homebrew program that lets you browse the internet freely from your Wii (and WiiU).


Features include:

Support for HTML and HTTPS connections
Support for links and web forms
Bookmarks menu
Basic rendering of HTML 4.01 and CSS2
Capable of downloading files to SD/SDHC card
File upload support
Address bar with on-screen keyboard
Back and Forward navigation
Supported Image Formats: PNG/JPEG/GIF/BMP
Image operations: zoom/move
Autoupdate feature


Planned features:

Javascript support
Better HTML/CSS rendering
Flash videos!
Multiple tabs

Novedades de la versión r121 (Ver lista de cambios completa)

  • Import/export favorites from/to other browsers
  • Automatically resumes connection on failure
  • Better onscreen keyboard, now with text cursor
  • Unzipping of downloaded files

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