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Descargar pfdtool 0.2.2

pfdtool 0.2.2
    - Now encrypt and decrypt operations update hashes automatically (be sure to use all keys!).
    - Fixed another issue with the file size of modified files.
    - Removed a verbose flag because it is not used at the moment.

pfdtool 0.2.1
    - Fixed issues with the file size.

pfdtool 0.2.0
    - Support of PARAM.PFD for trophies (without keys, of course).
    - Support of PARAM.PFD v4 which used in a newer SDK.
    - Fixed a bug with verify operation on signature hashes.
    - Now you can use a list of product codes delimeted by '/' (slash), for example: [BLUS31142/BLES01403], they should use the same disc hash key and secure file IDs.
    - Show an information about .PFD type and version.

pfdtool 0.1.0
    - Initial release.

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