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Descargar x360RGH 2.2

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+  (Ø`&sum;.&prod;&prod;.&sum;¥Ø`&sum;.&prod;&prod;.-> x360RGH 4G Ready - By Ozchips Development <-.&prod;&prod;.&sum;¥Ø`&sum;.&prod;&prod;.&sum;¥Ø) +
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* Requirements *

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later
- program needs to run in administrative mode

* What it does *

A Simple GUI to rgh or jtag your xbox360 console, it also contains more advance features when clicking on Advance xeBuild GUI Mode.
You may get warning from the antivirus that the program is trying to connect externally that is due to the irc being webbased.

* Changelog *

Build 2.2

- Added Hex Editor
- Updated: Now using xeBuild 1.06
- Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 3.05
- Updated: Now building 2.0.16202.0
- Updated: XMLís have been updated like ussual with the location and MD5 hash of the new update filesÖ
- RGH 1 & RGH 2
- now features full Corona 4G support and adds an SD Reader/Flasher, which is based on Swizzy's Tool.
- fixed selected source path
- Added usb lpt selection
- Select nand pro version
- Copy build image to usb from multibuilder
- Nand Checker
- Irc hangout
- auto select RGH from nand reads
- hardware detect
- Better detection of file headers
- fixed correct build for 9230 Ecc

* Credits *

Thanks :

- Thanks to the xeBuild Team for this great  no.1 app.

- A HUGE thanks to: Swizzy - Thanks for everything, without you  i wouldn't have been able to make this app into what it is! i owe you bigtime! ;).

- Team Xecuter - Thanks for figuring out and releasing info about glitching Xenons and RGH 2.0!

- Stefanou thanks for sharing some idea's in the early days.

- BL4K3Y  Thanks for getting me into coding.

- Razkar For his great news forum on the scene.

- GliGli & Tiros - Thanks for figuring out and releasing RGH in the first place! :D.

- BestPig - Thanks for releasing the source for your FCRT.bin extractor.

- Blackaddr - Thanks for your SMC_Utility it's awesome! :D.

- Tiros - Thanks for nandpro! :D

- nitram - Thanks for the updated

- Anyone else that has helped me with anything such as tests, bug finding and such that is not mentioned above, THANK YOU!.

- A Special thanks to HDCM for all his kind words on my app also being a total tool - keep finger typing your command prompts mate..... Loser!

   while the rest of the world & Big Scene Members enjoys the simplicity of GUI's.......

Ozchips Development - Since 1996

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