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Descargar Condor Updater 3.1


HI GUYS, after releasing Condor Updater 3 I REALIZED it wasn’t complete, so here’s Condor Updater v3.1 which now works on any cfw with recovery option (2.50 and above). so now the same app will install and work for you on cfws 3.55, 4.25, 4.30, downgrade pup, whatever… it is especially useful for those with damaged power buttons or for installing same versions of MFWs over OFW/MFWs or going back from an MFW to an OFW, or any time imo… i never trust xmb updates.

for the noobs:

This app allows pseudo-recovery mode system firmware update from XMB.

Meaning, one button press on your controller and you’re ready to update/downgrade to your favorite CFW from recovery mode, Once in recovery all you need to do is follow the on-screen prompts. Also, as of now it still only works on NOR-FLASH PS3s, if you’re unsure which model you own click HERE.

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