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Descargar Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-C

- Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-C
- for PSVita 1.61-1.81
- by Total_Noob

- Donation
  If you wanna support me, just click here: https://www.paypal.c...tton_id=8158859
  Thank you :)

- Changelog CEF 6.60 TN-C
  * Added 1.61-1.67 firmwares support (supports Motorstorm and Super Collapse 3 exploits).
  * Added ability to alter user name and button assign (enter button).
  * Added possiblity to change buttons to exit and its hold duration.
  * Added possiblity to change CPU speed (the PSP Emu's CPU is increased by 60%. Even 20/10 CPU on PSVita is faster than 333/166 CPU on PSP ;))
  * Added custom folder hider(fixes dj max portable 3 crash).
  * Fixed issue with backups which within load an ELF file (fixes crash in Talkman and probably in more games).
  * Improved module device check patch (fixes Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur).

- Changelog TN Menu 1.0
  * Updated the whole user interface (by Darkenvy).
  * Added memory space check.
  * Added PIC1 display.
  * Fixed bug that doesn't allow you to go to PSVita menu when you load TN Menu within TN Menu.
  * Fixed crash when you move a backup file and the ISO folder does not exist.
  * Made everything smoother.
  * Improved ZIP reading (increases menu boot with packages).

- Instructions
  * Go to the SAVEDATA and choose the exploit game you own.
  * Choose the right region and extract its content to '\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\'
  * Copy the new savedata to your PSVita with CMA.

- About TN Menu 1.0
  This menu is developed with OSLib. IT IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, so it may have some bugs.

   * [] to open the configuration menu.
   * /\ to delete a file.
   * X to install a homebrew, move backups, or to load a homebrew/game.
   * Arrows to move.

  Prepare homebrews:
   * Create an ZIP archive of the homebrew, saved as: 'FILENAME.ZIP/PSP/GAME/*THE_HOMEBREWS_NAME*/EBOOT.PBP'.
   * "FILENAME.ZIP" can be saved somehow, it just MUST BE UPPER CASE LETTER and the filename can ONLY BE 8 CHARACTERS LONG.
   * Save the archive in the savedata folder.

  Install ISO/CSO:
   * Copy backup file to the savedata folder, UPPER CASE LETTER, 8 CHARACTERS LONG (e.g. BACKUP.ISO).
   * Start TN Menu and press X on the game to move it to 'ms0:/ISO/' (you'll reach ~2000 KB/s).

   This is a ZIP file which contains images for TN Menu.

- Source Code
  CEF TN got open sourced by GPLv3. I am tired of programming and give you guys the job continue it. Please respect the license, make it open source.
  It also contains 'popcorn' which is a beta module for psx support. Perhaps a master can finish it with sounds.

- Credits
  * Thanks to Dark_AleX for his impressive work.
  * Thanks to Darkenvy for his TN Menu graphics.
  * Thanks to Takka for his ISO/CSO reader.
  * Thanks to xerpi who found Urbanix Exploit EU.
  * Thanks to Frostegater for MBA Exploit.
  * Thanks to teck4 for Gravity Crash Exploit.
  * Thanks everyone who collected bugs.

Enjoy it;)

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