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Descargar Xipper 2.0


It's a simple GUI for extract-xiso tool for Linux.
Through extract-xiso you'll can extract a XBOX360 ISO to get a rip folder compatible with JTAG e RGH. The program let you also to optimize an ISO for JTAG/RGH and also to create an ISO from a JTAG/RGH rip folder.

Rewrote the program using the new Gambas3
Note: the AUR version uses Gambas3 v3.3.3, instead the versions in binaries and in the DEB use Gambas3 v3.1.1 to fit Gambas3 version present inside Ubuntu (and derivates) official repositories.
Some graphic changes to the interface
A complete GUI for extract-xiso
Possibility to use all the main functions of extract-xiso, such as ISO extraction, optimization and creation.
Possibility to choose additional parameters for the procedure
Two languages available: English and Italian.

-On Archlinux use the package on AUR.
-On Debian based distros (ex. Ubuntu and derivates) use the DEB package.
-About all other distros:
Install the dependencies:
gambas3-gb-form, gambas3-gb-gtk, gambas3-gb-qt4, gambas3-gb-image
Note: gambas3-gb-qt4 is optional, install it only if you need the QT support for KDE.
Download the package containing the binaries (bin)
Give the execution rights to the binary file:
chmod +x xipper.gambas
Run the binary file double-clicking on it or typing in a terminal:

To extract-xiso creators
To Tikilou for the v2.7 for Linux
To Gambas authors
To my girlfriend for her patience

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