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Descargar FatX USB Explorer v3.0

FatX USB Explorer v3.0

Very important changes habe been made, we jump to v3.0 :

- Substantial internal reviews, FatX library fully redone
- Instead of being deleted, folders are properly overwritten (X360 drive)
- Favorites added (files and folders)
- Files and folders are sorted correctly (Folders on top of the list, files at bottom)
- Games On Demand & Applications are now identified correctly during a scan
- Export / Import of Settings, User IDs & Favorites
- You can scan files from IDs panel (use button)
- The scan can be interrupted by user
- Context menu added allowing to expand full tree
- Themes added
- Last file AND last folder used are saved
- Common dialogs improvements
- Better navigation
- Display improved
- Renaming a file doesn't require a new window
- Your USB drive is automatically opened when plugged in
- Application reset on device ejection
- You can save user IDs as .html
- Improvements
- Bugs fixed
- Some update(s) remaining...

FatX USB Explorer v2.0

- Hundreds optimizations (Especially for Windows 8)
- Drag & drop a folder from the tree to extract
- Double-click a folder to navigate inside (List)
- Drag & drop files on the tree to scan files
- Display of STFS names in the list
- Application is resized automatically
- Optimization of panel IDs
- Application can remember the last folder selected
- Choose default icons and colors
- For known extensions, system icons are used
- Added new settings
- etc ... etc ...

FatX USB Explorer v1.1.0.1

- Save IDs of any X360 file as profiles (Drag/Drop on left panel)
- You can see saved IDs (Profiles/Content), and share them
- Added navigation arrows for folders
- Few little changes...

FatX USB Explorer v1.1

- Hundred of bugs fixed
- Added a reference file (More than 5000 known IDs)
- Two languages : EN/FR
- User will be prompted for existing files
- Can save gamertags
- Added a search bar & some settings
- Can be resized quickly
- Updatable
- ect ...

Regardez cette vidéo pour des informations détaillées :



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