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MAX PAYNE 3 PATCH v105 4 Region Fixed

PATCH THE common.sdat ,first & try my patch & thats is all.
If you need to try & convert i left the param.sfo & other files .
I only needed & used the common.sdat + my patch.

External Multiman 02.09.02 No BD Mirror needed for REBUG 355.2 CFW.
If game freeze in beginning after your about to start.?

4 region patches i made.
There is a BETA �JAP� Patch v101 using EU v105 EBOOT.BIN i converted.
Till tested i will not know the compatibility of �JAP� Region.
Patch is bigger ,So jap version v101 may be actually v105 technically speaking..

Testing new host ..

I personally tested one & works perfect..


BLES00942-M.P.3.rar (64.68MB)

BLES01656-M.P.3.rar (64.68MB)

BLJM60463-M.P.3.rar (64.47MB)

BLUS30557-M.P.3.rar (64.68MB)




Get em while There hot. Let me know if any problems with host.
I am just one man. I can only do so much . I have many new games ,so i will post them regions as i go.

Thanks bud for helping me clone .I will make a clone account after i get them all done.
Which may be allot, by the time i am done,lol many regions
I have a monster collection of patches for a while,waiting for the day to fix them.

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