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Descargar reActPSN for 4.21 2.22

1. reActPSN v2.22  NP KEY update to 3.60

  Add new type NP KEY to Triangle fix mode: 0x4,0x6,0xA,0xD,0x10(3.60)

2.reActPSN v2.22 CEX2DEX DEX2CEX (untested 256M NAND FLASH)

  You need to be on 3.55 with peek and poke patches to switch between CEX and DEX.

  Dump and Backup PS3 FLASH first.

  Run reActPSNv2.22 and keep pressed BUTTON_RIGHT about 8s, auto reboot.

  then you must Do system update to DEX3.55 or CEX3.55!

  Test it on CFW 4.21.

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