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Descargar Install Package Homebrew v1.3

Hi everyone, since i'm working on PSChannel (i don't know when it will be finished), i had to build a few features for it (i will not tell which they are). so i written this simple homebrew to install one or more PKG without using the XMB option. this app is useful if you, for some reason, can't use that option.
it will create on the XMB a new icon that will allow you to install that pkg.

How to use it:

place in the main directory of your USB a pkg (it can handle up to 100 pkgs, and the max size for each of them is 4GB).
then plug in the usb on the ps3 and run the app.

it will search the usb from /dev_usb000 to /dev_usb009, once found it will start it copy and create the right files to allows you to install it from the XMB without the option.


i hope that this app can be useful (maybe also someday).

I have fixed a bug on this homebrew. Now this tool is perfect (I hope).

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