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Descargar WEPicture Decoder 1.95


This software allows the edition of different Renderware-based graphic formats. WEPictureDecoder supports the well-known TXD format found in e.g. Grand Thieft Auto series, as well as another special formats (.TXS,.FLG,.FNT, etc...) used in Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer games.
These files often contain multiple images, palettes, and even custom data sections.

With WEPictureDecoder you can manage those files, editing their images and/or palettes, with some advanced options designed to optimize the files.
Support is included for importing/exporting from/to BMP and PNG formats. Photoshop's ACT and Microsoft's PLT palette formats are also supported, as well as WEPictureDecoder's specific ALP alpha-data format.

This application is designed to work under Win32 platforms, and has been tested to work under all avalaible 32-bit Windows OSs.

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