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Descargar Xbox Live JTAG/RGH

Put the XeLive folder on the root of your hard drive.
Put XBDM.xex and launch.ini on the root of your hard drive (not in xelive folder)
Restart Console
Check Connection


Dwack for crack.


XeLive, Xbdm.xex, Launch.ini Files:

1. Place the folder at the root of your hard drive.
2. Use my launch.ini and xbdm.xex and put on root of hard drive, not in the XeLive folder.

The launch.ini has all features that need to be enabled/disabled as well as all plugins, and an xbdm.xex that allows memory edit, connected to xbox neighborhood, and will also help with connection. This will allow connection to live, thus removing DNS errors.

Common Questions
1) Can't connect, DNS errors?
Use the files I have provided, it will remove liveblock, and has all plugins needed to run the files.

2) Asking to update?
You may be on 15574, but you may not have the recent updates. If that is the case, you are good to update your console. If you do not have 15574, use Swizzy's Tool to apply dashlaunch, and update to 15574. This is the safe way of doing it. This should fix that error.

WARNING: Unplug your external hard drive or usb when you update dash. When you update your dash it unformats your enternal HDD. If you do not, you will lose all files on it!!

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