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Descargar True Blue ELF Dumper

It's ELF dumper from memory and it work with True blue cfw v2 and any 3.55 firmware because it doesn't use lv2 peek/poke.

It will not brick your ps3. But i am not responsible for any damage.

- Enable dev_blind with multiman
- copy libsysutil_np_trophy.sprx from /dev_blind/sys/external/external to dev_hdd0/ and rename it "orignal_libsysutil_np_trophy.sprx"
- copy my modified "libsysutil_np_trophy.sprx" to /dev_blind/sys/external/
- load a True blue game from multiman
- exit multiman
- run your game
- wait few minutes (if you get black screen after 3 minutes reboot ps3)
- exit game
- go to ftp
- in dev_hdd0/ there are your decrypted DUMPEDBOOT.bin
- copy and rename it with another name.

Howto uninstall patch :
Two ways:

- You could uninstall this patch by replacing modified libsysutil_np_trophy.sprx by orginal libsysutil_np_trophy.sprx

- Or uptade in recovery mode

Thanks to: Ps3dev

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