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Descargar REBUG 3.55.2 DEX with full ProDG


Well Here is Something neat i decided to make for you dex users that includes REAL DEX and target 82 dex... run this bad boy and you now have PRODG support on your unit. 
Mods by Sonic-Iso. Greetz to Amber Lee. without you babe i wouldnt even be inspired. and all greetz to my homies in the scene . also this all only works on 3.55. kthnxbai.just run a real debug PUP to go back to "normal"
Mathieulh TheFallen93 Xenon7 CMX  DeathClutch KiwiDoggeh Sonic-Iso K3rn3l Huegel Carly360 Xorloser barubary redline m0md4d and anyone else i missed. =D
All testing for this CFW was done on a E3 flasher. took me 10 minutes to install the thing and its plug and play!

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