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Descargar Samtool 0.5


Samtool is a utility to be used for injecting firmware key and version strings into hacked samsung firmware.  It reads the key from the original, makes sure that it exists, and that it doesnt have more than 3 repeating bytes withing the key.  This is typical of a good drive key, thus preventing most from using a bad dump, patching their firmware, and flashing it to their drive.  The  original firmware can be from either a hitach drive (v40-78) or a samsung (ms21-28).  It looks for keys in the following locations:

Hitachi v40-59: $4F00

Hitachi V78   : $4000-4FFF

All Samsung   : $4000-5FFF

Once a valid key is found in the original, it then copies the key into the hacked firmware.  For samsungs, it is copied directly. For hitachi drives, it formats the $4000-5FFF range so that it conforms to the layout of samsung key structures.  Hitachi keys will always be placed at the second key location.  The key found in the original is then written to a text file for easy backup. The file will be named as follows:

KeyMM-DD.txt, with DD=day and MM=month

The hacked firmware will then be closed and reread to ensure that the key has been copied properly, that it matchs the original, and  that is conforms to a valid key structure.  This, again, is to  ensure that the process has proceeded as expected.

Both keys will then be displayed on the screen, with the version of the drive following.  If the drive versions do not match, you  will be prompted as to whether or not you want to copy the version strings over to the hacked firmware.  This is recommended, as it  will likely result in E66 if not properly patched.  The version strings are then copied and the hacked samsung firmware is ready to be flashed to your drive.  

This utility will make it easy for people replacing hitachi based motherboard with a samsung drive, as well as those simply wanting to flash their samsung with hacked firmware.  It should also reduce the required number of files in the xtreme 5.2 package from 28 firmwares to 4 firmwares, reducing a significant amount of  confusion.

The usage of the program is as follows:

samtool <originalfirmware> <hackedsamsungfirmware>

There is no need for switchs, as it will detect the drive version based on the version strings in the original firmware.

This program has been tested and no errors have been found.   If you encounter something which you belive is an error in the code, feel free to contact me on, or xbox-scene.  I will gladly look into the issue and fix the code if needed.

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