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Descargar DEX 3.55 MFW without OtherOS by Exeedy v3


|               |
|    _Exeedy_   |
Modded by _Exeedy_
Here is the other DEX 3.55 FW without OtherOS support but more game compatibility.
 Peek & Poke and support for reActPSN
 Made by _Exeedy_ (me)
Credits to PS3MFW Builder Team and eussNL
Modified DEX 3.55 firmware created by _Exeedy_ using PS3MFW Framework 0.2.1
This system firmware update has been modified from the original, and is therefore unofficial and not endorsed by SCE.
Installation of this system firmware update increases the risk of rendering your game system unstable or unusable.
Use at your own risk. No guarantee expressed or implied.
If anything bad happens as a result of installing this system update, you cannot hold anyone responsible but yourself.
The creators of this system firmware modification process do not condone piracy.
 Use your system responsibly and only play games that you have purchased.
Features Enabled:
*Patch LV1 hypervisor
 Allow mapping of any memory area (Needed for LV2 Poke)
 peek/poke support (unused lv1 calls 182 and 183)
 Allow enabling product mode by using Update Manager Write EPROM
*Patch LV2 kernel
 Patch to add Peek&Poke system calls to LV2
 Patch to add LV1 Peek&Poke system calls to LV2 3.55 (LV1 peek/poke patch necessary)
 Patch to add LV1 Call system call to LV2 3.55
*Patch package installer
 Patch to allow installation of pseudo-retail packages
 Patch to allow installation of retail packages on DEX
*Patch VSH for Offline PSN Activator
 Patch to allow activating psn content offline for 3.55 debug
*Add "TV" category to the XMB
 Show TV category in xmb no matter if your country support it.
 Please note: This firmware is not fully tested.
 MultMan (MMCM) is fully working and reActPSN should work too ;)

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