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Descargar Matrix Glitcher II firmware upgrade 1.5

Matrix Glitcher II firmware upgrade v1.5

- Added Corona motherboard compatibility (see installation
  diagram at ).

To Upgrade :

- Place all 4 switches in the OFF position to place the Matrix Glitcher II in
  update mode.
  The blue led should start flashing to signal update mode (you might need to
  cycle power supply or turn your xbox360 off and on again if it doesn't).

- Connect the Matrix USB external programmer to the Glitcher II using the
  4 pins flat cable and to your PC using a mini-USB cable.

- Launch the included program.
  The upgrade program will automatically scan all available COM ports until
  it finds a Glitcher II and start the firmware upgrade.
  A green screen will signals the successfull completion of the upgrade

- Disconnect the flat cable from the Glitcher II and set the 4 switches
  according to your Xbox 360 model.

Quick switch settings chart :

SW    1    2    3    4

      ON   ON   ON   ON      ZEPHYR
      ON   OFF  ON   ON      FALCON
      ON   ON   OFF  ON      OPUS
      ON   OFF  OFF  ON      JASPER
      ON   ON   ON   OFF     TRINITY
      ON   OFF  ON   OFF     PHAT RGH 2.0
      ON   ON   OFF  OFF     CORONA

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