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Descargar Bayonetta [BLUS30367] Fix 3.55

[Translator note: This assumes you have the game already backed up,
  have multiMAN as your backup manager, and have all game data erased before proceeding
  (which will NOT delete your save file ;) ) ]

1. Install BLUS30367-3.55.pkg.
2. FTP into your PS3, and go to "dev_hdd0"
3. Create a directory named "PS3_GAME" on your internal hard drive (In my case "dev_hdd0")
4. In the directory "PS3_GAME", create another named "BAYOTA"
5. Create one more, named "data" inside our Bayonetta game directory, "BAYOTA".

Copy "data" from PS3_GAME/USRDIR/ into the new data folder we just created.

Note: You should have something like this: dev_hdd0/PS3_GAME/BAYOTA/data/...

6. Copy "1.PNG" to PS3_GAME/BAYOTA/. (In my case, dev_hdd0/PS3_GAME/BAYOTA/1.PNG)
Note: If you don't, the message, "Saving...", will keep appearing on the screen.

7. Close your FTP program and run Bayonetta

If it returns to the XMB, you followed step 5 incorrectly. [Translator note: Make sure you copy everything, including the EBOOT.BIN. If you do a shadow copy via multiMAN (hard/soft/symbolic link), make sure it copied the EBOOT.BIN as well.]



(Semi-Translated by Drakonas)

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