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Descargar HDL_Dumb 0.9.0

Programa que permite pasar juegos desde el PC al HDD de PS2, ya sea por red o conectándolo al mismo PC.


hdl_dump, hdl_dumb and networking server README

Networking server
Configuration and list file location


Latest version, as well as some? documentation (ha-ha-ha) is to be
found on the official site --
Me reads and ps2-scene forums every now and then.

Networking server

A new, purely UDP networking server is available, based on recently
released on ps2dev forums AFL pktdrv driver
( Transfer speeds vary
and during testing phase achieved speeds were as follows:

* install speed between 2,7-3MB/sec, and
* extract speed between 3,3-3,6MB/sec.

(not bad, for a 36Mhz CPU -- 11-to-13 ticks per byte). You might need
to punch a hole in your firewall for incoming UDP from port 12345.

New server were tested with PAL editions of Shadow of the Colossus,
God of War II and Disgaea, with both, install and extract + MD5, and
were runing for at least 4 hours with no problems (pktdrv is pretty


* Windows: You need to have CYGWIN ( installed;
then use
make RELEASE=yes
make -c gui RELEASE=yes
to compile command-line or GUI version.

NOTICE: with current compilation flags hdl_dump would not handle
correctly Ctrl+C if ran from-within a CYGWIN shell. AFAIR, removing
"-mno-cygwin" might correct this behaviour, but will break Ctrl+C
handling when ran from a Command Prompt.

* Linux: Build and copy executable into a directory of your choice.
make RELEASE=yes
Advanced Linux build commands:
make XC=win # for Windows cross-compilation using mingw32
make -c gui # for WineLib compilation
make -c gui XC=win # for GUI cross-compilation using mingw32

* FreeBSD and MacOS X: You'll need to have GNU make installed, then

Configuration and list file location

* Windows: (cited names are for English version of Windows)
C:Documents and SettingsApplication Datahdl_dump.conf
C:Documents and SettingsApplication Datahdl_dump.list

* Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS X: (~ is your home dir)


* disc_database_file -- full path to your disc compatibility database

Happy gaming.

$Id: README,v 1.7 2007-05-12 20:13:14 bobi Exp $

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