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Descargar X360 Update toolbox 1.1

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X360 Update toolbox

** IF you have any error codes that aren't included and would like to contribute by telling me about it send me an e-mail to: with an explanation of the error, and the error code i will then add it to the errorlist which is downloaded by the app... ;) **

   Requirements - What you need to do have in order for this to work!
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later
- Internet connection (Only required for downloading updates...)

   Overview - What it does
- It'll translate most common Update errors into something that will help you fix your error
- It'll translate the NTStatus of the error code to try and help advanced users figure out more about the error
- It'll check what update you have on a USB device or folder on your computer
- It'll download Xbox 360 System Updates and updates for it's own use (new dashboard versions, new error codes)
- It'll prepare any USB Memory device to be used for updating a Xbox 360 (It also creates a launch.ini to temporarily disable update blocking in dashlaunch for JTAG/RGH consoles)

     Credits - Thanks to:
- cOz: HUGE thanks for telling me more about the errorcodes and for the stuff with identifying updates, you are my hero! :D
- Razkar: HUGE thanks for allowing me to use your server for the downloads + updates and of course for beta testing and supporting me with ideas! :D
- Anyone else that has contributed with error codes and explanations, without you this app would be very sucky ;)

* v1.1 *
- Fixed: The app will now download xml's to temporary directories before copying it over, thus leaving the current xml intact...
- Fixed: The app will now store both error list AND updates list at the same time...

* v1.0 *
- Initial release
- Included xml with release contains the following update links/hashes:
-=*=- 2.0.7371.0
-=*=- 2.0.9199.0
-=*=- 2.0.12413.0
-=*=- 2.0.12416.0
-=*=- 2.0.12611.0
-=*=- 2.0.12625.0
-=*=- 2.0.13146.0
-=*=- 2.0.13599.0
-=*=- 2.0.13604.0
-=*=- 2.0.14696.0
-=*=- 2.0.14699.0
-=*=- 2.0.14717.0
-=*=- 2.0.14719.0

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